When Honesty Fails

Ask anyone what my greatest quality is and they’ll probably tell you my candid nature is so refreshing. Some people just love the fact that I tell it how it is. That is…until they don’t love it. Then those very same people will become incredibly angry with me and often turn their backs until they decide they like what I’m saying again. Regardless of how they feel, I keep running my damn mouth as if I were paid to do so. I can’t help it. I like to talk. And I never understood why people were so partial to me being brutally honest. Often my honesty is just a cognitive state for me. I use out loud thinking to sort through scenarios and problems. Most of what I say is ignorant and shouldn’t be considered truth. I guess what I’m saying is just because someone is being honest doesn’t mean they’re right or that we should be particularly impressed.

Many will say it takes courage to tell the truth. This is untrue. Everyone has different thresholds for public speaking. If you’re a narcissist like I am, public speaking is something you love to do. If you’re an introvert who would much rather have their cat ignore them all day, then public speaking might be terrifying for you. The point is that my ability to run my gab every five seconds doesn’t say anything about my character, so don’t read into it. If you appreciate my insight then I’m glad. But don’t applaud my thinking because you find it to be “raw” and “controversial.”

People always tell me,” Raymond you tell it how it is.” What the fuck does that mean? I tell it how I see it, but how I see it isn’t always the best marker for how it is. For example, a youtuber named Sky Williams did an ignorant video a few months ago where he basically said shit that heavily critiqued and delegitimatized the Black Lives Matter movement. Everyone congratulated him on his video for being honest about the subject of race. The fuck? He is a self hating black person who consistently makes jokes about his own race and sexuality in order to make a quick buck. That sort of honesty isn’t commendable, it’s disgusting. Somethings are meant to be dealt with tact. The fact that you decided to take a sledgehammer to a tiny nail doesn’t prove you’re finessed. It just proves you’re an idiot. And that’s the issue. We have a plethora of idiots who run their mouths and are celebrated.

Toni Lahren, Alex Jones and of course Mr. No PC himself Donald Trump are all idiots. Even before the conservative party decided to show their blatant racism we had comics such as Carlos Mencia, who would just say offensive shit without any sort of insight or dialogue being added. I loved Dave Chappelle as a kid and I used to think the reason why was because he was so honest. I now realize it wasn’t his honesty that was powerful. It was the way he put into words something I had always recognized, but never verbalized. It was as if he was uncovering something that was hidden in plain sight. That sort of work isn’t just honesty. It’s real intellectual thought.

I know there are some topics that are scary to talk about. Sometimes we want to say something unpopular, but are afraid to do so due to repercussions we may face. In that case, it’s not what I say that’s powerful, it’s the context I say it in. If you want to commend me, then commend me for speaking at that moment rather than applaud me for what I say. Sky Williams is a perfect example because he came out with a response video to his disgusting video, where he basically makes a direct appeal to people who hate the BLM movement. He didn’t do anything courageous, in fact he did the opposite. He said something that most people in the video game community agree with. That sort of honesty shouldn’t be commended.

We want things to be true in this day in age because we have gotten so tired of being skeptical. Everything in our lives is cloudy and complicated. The past is often romanticized because absolutes were so thoroughly accepted back then. Stereotypes were lauded and racial/gender humor was considered mostly to be true. But it wasn’t and isn’t. The minorities of today aren’t taking it anymore. So the 21st century requires you to constantly interpret and think. Skepticism isn’t simply due to subterfuge, it’s necessitated by the diverse and global world we live in. People complaining are just too lazy or too indifferent to expend their energy on figuring it out.

Fuck honesty. I know I say this at the risk of being praised for this post due to its candid nature. But fuck you too if that’s your response. Either agree with me or disagree. I don’t want your bullshit about how I said something you wish someone would say. I’m not your gatekeeper. If you have truths to speak, then speak. The rest of the world may listen.



Puerto Rican Writer, Former Teacher, Law Student, Gamer

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